For each draft you submit, you will provide a “self-assessment” of that draft. I will provide end comments only in response to that self-assessment. Feel free to use the following questions as guides but I prefer that the self-assessment be narrative in nature:

  • What do you think works about the draft?
  • On which specific area of the draft would you like for me to concentrate my feedback?
  • How did you plan, organize, draft, revise and edit the draft? How was your writing process similar to or different from other drafts you’ve written?
  • If you had more time to revise the draft, what would you change? What would you add?
  • Why did you choose to open the draft the way you chose to open it? What about your introduction do you think will make the casual reader continue to read your draft? What do you not like about your introduction?
  • What is your thesis sentence? How did you keep the draft focused on the thesis?
  • What is your organizational strategy? Why did you shape the paper the way you chose to shape it?
  • Why did you choose the sources that you chose to include in your paper?
  • How did you decide whether to summarize or directly quote your source material? What went into that decision?
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