Sentence Patterns

The following little presentation introduces seven basic sentence patterns. Some sentence patterns are based on the verb (the be verb, the linking verb, the transitive or intransitive verb, etc.) and others are based on the noun phrases found in the predicate (objects and complements).

Here are a couple things to consider as you look at the sentence patterns.

  • Unadorned with adjectivals and adverbials, the first four patterns make for exceptionally short sentences that can be used for emphasis, especially as topic sentences for paragraphs. Even with some adjectivals and adverbials, experienced writers often use the first four patterns to guide development.
  • Try to remember these patterns. Then, when you encounter difficult texts, you can make sense of them by pulling apart the adjectival and adverbials that modify the essential elements of the sentence.
  • Avoid single punctuation, especially commas, between slots of sentences.

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