Reflective Cover Letter and Mid-Semester Portfolio

20% of course grade

Workshop: March 4

Submission Date: March 18

The reflective cover letter will serve as an introduction to your portfolio. Write it as a letter or as a memo, whichever you prefer, but be sure to introduce the work in the portfolio and yourself as a writer.

Here are some questions to consider as you are drafting your cover letter or memo: How was your writing process different for each draft? How was it different from previous writing assignments? Where do you think you succeeded? Where did you struggle? What challenges did you have and how did you overcome them?

Ultimately, though, you must answer the following question in as much detail as possible:

How have you revised and edited the drafts enclosed since I last read them and provided feedback?

I will post a sample reflective cover letter from a student portfolio to our web site. I imagine your cover letter will be about 500 words.

Your mid-semester portfolio should be in a one-inch, three-ring binder and include the following in the following order:

Revised Papers and Blog Posts

  • Reflective Cover Letter
  • Analysis #1—Sentences
  • Analysis #2–Coordination/Subordination
  • Blog Posts #1-#5 (copied and pasted from the web site w/timestamps)

Appendix (Divider?)

  • Returned Drafts and Self Assessments
  • Notes, First Drafts, etc.

Of course, you should be revising your other papers as you develop your cover letter. (Let’s face it; you should have been revising your other papers throughout the semester). Pay attention to the presentation of your work. Be professional.

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