Reflective Cover Letter and Final Portfolio

Reflective Cover Letter and Final Portfolio (40%)
Due: April 29

Your reflective cover letter will serve as an introduction to your portfolio and should discuss everything you learned over the course of the semester. Of course, the papers in your portfolio should serve as tangible evidence of the concepts you learned as communicated in your reflective cover paper. I expect it will be between 500 and 750 words.

Many students have had success developing their reflective cover letters around a metaphor for their own writing. That is, they compared writing a paper to something else in order to help illustrate specific elements of the writing process.

As you begin working on the reflective cover letter, you will want to focus on two areas: 1.) what specific changes have you made to each draft since I last saw it and why did you make those changes? and 2.) what have you learned in terms of manipulating sentences for various effects.

Your final portfolio should be in a one-inch, three-ring binder and include the following in the following order:

Revised Papers and Blog Posts (graded)

  • Table of Contents
  • Reflective Cover Letter
  • Analysis #1 (Professional Writer)
  • Analysis #2 (Subordination/Coordination)
  • Research Proposal
  • Research Paper
  • Blog Posts #1-#8 (printed separately from the web site w/timestamps)

Appendix (ungraded)

  • Mid-Semester Portfolio and Evaluation
  • Returned Drafts and Self Assessments
  • Notes, First Drafts, etc
  • Sources from Research Project (only the pages cited)
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