Blog Prompt #2 (1/28/2019)

For the second blog post, let’s share a portion of the draft of your first short analysis. For this prompt, create a link to the professional article that you will be using for your analysis. You will want to choose the article carefully; some articles will work better than others for this assignment. Then, complete the following:

Create a link to that article. Discuss at least one exceptionally short or one exceptionally long sentence or paragraph in the professional writing you chose. What is the sentence pattern? How does that sentence or paragraph work? Why do you think the writer chose a short or long sentence or paragraph at that specific time? Make sure you discuss the writer’s rhetorical intent in the context of the writing’s meaning and purpose.

For example, we can pretty easily say that a writer places a very short sentence among much longer sentences for emphasis. The real question is why did the writer want to emphasize that specific sentence in the context of his or her purpose, meaning, and audience? What does that sentence say that demands such emphasis?

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