Here Is Some Writing Advice

Whenever I’m in the mood for a chuckle or two, which generally falls somewhere between the first and fourth student draft, I check on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and am rarely disappointed. I was rewarded today with some advice for writers, and I thought I would share some wisdom for handling writer’s block with you:


The blank white page. El Diablo Blanco. El Pollo Loco. Whatever you choose to call it, staring into the abyss in search of an idea can be terrifying. But ask yourself this; was Picasso intimidated by the blank canvas? Was Mozart intimidated by the blank sheet music? Was Edison intimidated by the blank lightbulb? If you’re still blocked up, ask yourself more questions, like; Why did I quit my job at TJ Maxx to write full-time? Can/should I eat this entire box of Apple Jacks? Is The Price is Right on at 10 or 11?

You can see all the advice at the “Ultimate Guide for Writing Better Than You Normally Do.” In the meantime, you’re welcome.

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