Grammar Cops on the Beat! (Blog Prompts #9 and #10)

The ninth and tenth blog prompts will require you to create an account with, and post your responses to, the Grammartime site.

Credit for Blog Prompts #9 and #10 will be awarded for identifying “errors” in published work (textbooks, signs, menus, flyers, brochures, etc.), noting why the error is an error, and discussing how to revise the error. You will need to document and validate the errors, normally with a photograph or scan of the document in question. Your score will be determined by the seriousness of the error and the accuracy and depth of the discussion. Simple spelling errors, for instance, cannot earn a score of five.

For extra credit, you can compile more than the two required blog posts. Credit will be awarded on your test scores according to the same five-point scale used for Blog Posts #9 and #10.

As always, see me with any questions.

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