Coordination and Subordination

As you consider coordination and subordination within compound and complex sentences, make sure that you become comfortable with the punctuation. You will also need to spend some time considering whether a clause should be deliberately subordinated when combining ideas.

Edit the following to create parallel structure and to achieve a sense of climax in the series.

  • To enjoy college to its fullest, students should be engaged, study hard, and they also should have some fun.
  • I spent my Saturday afternoon with lunch, taking a nap, and I watched college football with some friends.
  • Students attend college for specific reasons: to get an education, meet new people, and to gain skills for a job.
  • With its dazzling fountain, azaleas that are in bloom, and loblolly pines with thick trunks, the USCA Quad is beautiful in the spring.

Combine the following using coordination and subordination and a conjunctive adverb. Try flipping the ideas. Be prepared to discuss the different effects of each sentence and sentences.

  • Anytime I began to write a paper, it seemed as if my brain had run out of gas. My engine had been permanently stalled.
  • Writing to me is like fighting in a ring. It takes a lot of hard work to get ready for a fight.
  • The end of my portfolio is when I reach the top of the steps. The feeling of reward is very great and my life is finally at ease.
  • In high school, I didn’t spend as much time looking over my papers after getting them back. Many teachers didn’t emphasize the importance of revision.
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