Prepositional Phrases and Wordiness

Revise the following passage to make it more concise by eliminating prepositional phrases:

Plaque has almost become a household word in this country. It is certainly a household problem for most people. But even though everyone is affected by it every day few people really understand the seriousness of plaque in their daily lives or the importance of controlling it. Plaque is an almost invisible sticky film of bacteria that in the case of all of us continuously forms throughout the day and night. Plaque germs are constantly multiplying and building up on the teeth. Any dentist will tell you that controlling plaque from forming is the single most important step to better oral health for people everywhere.

Blog Prompt #6

What are you planning to do for your Research Project? Why? Explain in some detail what text you will be analyzing, its primary audience, and its purpose. Then, discuss which elements of the text you plan to analyze—sentence lengths and structures, adverbial placement, end focus, etc. Provide an example or two from the text.

Interjections and Star Wars

I discussed the role Schoolhouse Rock played in my education when we we watched “Conjunction Junction” in the context of coordination and subordination. This nifty little mash-up by One Minute Galactica applies Schoolhouse Rock’s “Interjections!” soundtrack to Star Wars scenes. (Just as a heads up, there is one “disguised” swear word.)

In fact, interjections represent a form of metadiscourse that our textbook does not discuss.

Blog Prompt #5 (S2013)

The fifth blog post is essentially the first portion of the proposal:

Identify a specific topic and a working title for your final Research Paper and include the following information:

  • A justification of the topic
  • A specific research question
  • If the research question is a good one, the answer to that question can serve as a preliminary thesis.
  • Some main ideas you want to develop and/or a scratch outline

Sample Portfolio Cover Letter

Kelly reminded me to post the sample portfolio cover letter (thanks, Kelly), and I have done so in the “handouts” section in the right side bar.

The sample letter covers some of what I expect in your cover letters but not everything. That is, be sure that your cover letter explains the changes you have made to each draft since I last saw it.