Voice, Diction, and Comedy

The television show In Living Color, which I believe you can still watch on some channels in syndication, was a brilliant show produced by the Wayans brothers before they went on to spoof movies. Damon Wayans’ exaggerated portrayal of Oswald Bates, a diction-challenged prisoner, does an excellent job providing an introduction to diction and voice and, perhaps, how they contribute to our concept of socio-economic and ethnic identities.

You can expect some not-so-subtle references to coarse language in the video below.

The comedian George Carlin practically made a living discussing language. In the video below, he pokes some fun at the “voice” we encounter when  flying.

As with the In Living Color folks, Carlin uses language that some may find offensive. I might give In Living Color a PG or PG-13 rating; Carlin is definitely in the R range.

In the next clip, Carlin discusses euphemisms and bureaucratese we encounter.

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